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Product information


BlueXtreme is the new natural erection stimulating capsule for men. Completely based on natural ingredients, selected on quality and effectiveness. With BlueXtreme there is finally a natural product on the market that really works.


Take 1 capsule with plenty of water, half an our before sexual activity. Don’t take on a full stomach, it can decrease the effect because the stomach won’t absorb all the ingredients.


Cellulose 75 mg, Rhodilo Sacra 60 mg, Cordyceps 30 mg, Radix Ginseng 30 mg, Cynomorium Songaricum 30 mg, Radix Gentianae Macrophyllae 30 mg, Flos Lonicerae Japonicae 30 mg, Schisandrae Chinensis 15 mg, Herba Epimedii 15 mg, Polygonum Multiflori 15 mg, Cortex Cinnamomi 15 mg, Radix Rehmania 15 mg, Radix Scrophulariae 15 mg.


This is a food supplement and should be used as such. Do not use in case of heart or vascular diseases, high blood pressure or diabetes. Do not combine with medication. When in doubt, consult your healthcare professional before using this product.