Cactus seed sowing kit

20 seeds - various species

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Product information


This is a very easy to use seed sowing kit based on pumice (Bimskies). Pumice is an anorganic material with perfect drainage capabilities. The kit is fool proof. If you follow the instructions that come with the kit you can germinate any species of cactus or succulents you want.

Contents of the Cactus seeds sowing kit

The seed sowing kit contains 20 cacti seeds, clean pumice and a firm magnetron resistant re-closable container.

How to use the Cactus seed sowing kit

1. Fill the tray with the soil mix. The tray should be filled for 2/3 which leaves space for the plants to grow before you remove the lid.

2. Mist/spray the soil with water until it is saturated but not soaking wet.

3. Close the lid and sterilize the tray in a microwave for 1 minute (1000 watt).

4. Let the tray cool down with lid closed.

5.Open the lid and spread out the seeds on top of the soil mix. Do not cover the seeds with soil mix!

6. Close the lid and place the tray at a bright (avoid direct sunlight) spot with a temperature of around 24 °C

7. Write the name of the species and the date on the side of the tray.

8. Seeds should germinate in 7-10 days.

9. When most seeds have germinated slowly increase ventilation by opening the lid one or more times a day. The lid should be completely removed after 3-4 weeks.

10. Keep the soil slightly moist at all times but not soaking wet.
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